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Out of nowhere, in February (yes, 3 short months ago), Dain received the life changing results of a biopsy. Let me break it down ……Dain has IgA nephropathy, which is a form of kidney disease that damages the filtering units of the kidney so it gradually loses its ability to clear toxic waste from the body. This loss of kidney function progresses to chronic kidney failure, which requires dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant. Even though just detected in Feb, Dain has already reached End-Stage Renal Disease, which means his kidneys have ceased to function and he is in need of a transplant in order to stay alive. His transplant is scheduled for May 23.Though he has insurance and will qualify for Medicare, there will be a large deductible to meet, out of pocket costs, travel, living expenses, and ongoing medical costs for the foreseeable future. Let’s not forget the hero in this story: Phillip Bullington, one of Dain’s best friends, a fellow Benson athlete and graduate who also competed at the collegiate level like Dain at Chadron State. He is currently roommates with Dain, and just so happens to be a perfect match as a kidney donor. We will be forever indebted to Phil for his courage…and his kidney. The least we can do for saving our brother is ensure that his costs are fully covered as well. Please give what you can to help Dain and Phil deal with the financial implications of this stressful and scary process, so they can focus on their health and wellness. Anything that you can give will make an impact. Feel free to share our story to help us raise the funds. Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, and generosity.

If you would like to help sponsor this race please call Glen Eickleberry at

We would like to say thank you to the following people on giving towards the added money so far.. 

G&S Roustabout. $100
 Sandborn Pressure Washer $100
 Reds Well Service. $100
 Astra Bank. $100
 Anonymous $250
 Bad Influence Racing Team $100
 Keith Haney 
 Virg's Refuge Collection. $100
 Darrell Keller $100
Vopat Mud Toys  $100

If you would like to join the others on this sponsorship please let me know and money needs to be to Glen by June 1st. Your name will be placed on the back of the shirts we are having made.